Finding the Best Online Slot Bonuses

There are all kinds of bonuses at the online venues, and very often, these are specifically aimed at slots players. For this reason, it’s always worth checking to see what kinds of special deals are running. The best way of doing this is to sign up to the casino’s newsletter, and then the offers will land straight in your in-box. Sometimes, this will be in the form of a special code. To activate this reward, you just access your account in the standard way, and then enter the code when you’re prompted to do so. Alternatively, you can look at the promotions page on the website, and see what incentives are listed there. It’s quite common for these to be linked to particular titles, so you can receive a number of free spins when you play.

Top 4 Casino Slot Bonuses

Welcome Bonuses and Regular Promotions!

Pretty much every online casino presents new players with bonuses when they sign up. You’ll very often get a range of them, which are spread across your first few deposits. In some venues, your welcome offer stretches further when you cash it in against slot games, so if you like to play this particular category, it’s worth doing a little research to find the best option for you. It’s good to check out the types of deals that are available for long-standing members as well, because these can be very profitable, too. You might come across weekly or monthly specials. These can be on a specific day, or across a series of days, or over an entire month. Again, these tend to be in the form of free spins. You may also be offered a device-specific incentive, or alternatively, you may get a treat if you refer a friend to the site.

The Different Types of Bonuses

Of course, you’ll want to find the bonus that’s the best for you, but before you start looking around, it’s worth knowing that there’s a tremendous amount of variety in them all. It’s also important to understand that each online casino will have its own terms and conditions. Basically though, they can be divided into the following types:

  • Match Bonus – This is when the casino matches the amount that you’ve deposited by a fixed percentage. For example, if you make a payment of $100 and the match rate is set at 100%, the casino will add another $100, so that your balance is now $200. Sometimes, these are spread over a series of deposits. There will be limits, however, on the maximum amount that you can pay in, as well as specified conditions attached to your play.
  • Deposit Bonus – In this case, the casino doesn’t match your funds by an equal amount. Instead, you receive a set percentage on top of your original payment. For instance, if the deposit is set at 10% and you pay in $100, you’ll have $110 to play with. This type of offer is best for players who are paying in larger sums, as the maximum limit is more flexible.
  • No Deposit Bonus – This is less usual than some of the others, but it can be found. In this situation, you receive your reward without needing to make any payments at all. Of course, nothing is ever really free, and so you need to be aware that you’ll be signing up to a whole number of other requirements when you accept this particular version.
  • Free Spins – This is the bonus that’s aimed directly at fans of slots, and what could be better than having a number of free spins? But again, it’s wise to check the details. This promotion is usually associated with a particular game. Additionally, there will be specific rules about how and when you can withdraw any winnings that you’ve accrued.

The Wagering Requirements of a Bonus

Wagering Requirements of a Bonus Offers at Online CasinosSomewhat understandably, the majority of the special offers come with wagering requirements. In short, this can be explained as the amount of game activity you must participate in before you’re able to withdraw any funds. Naturally, these stipulations will have an impact upon how and when you access your winnings. Each casino sets its own conditions for bonuses, and these are different for each of the deals, so you’ll need to check exactly what they are. In some circumstances, if you haven’t met the required playthrough provisos within a stipulated time period, you’ll often have to forfeit your welcome bonus. If you’ve signed up for free spins, for instance, you’ll have to play the nominated slots title within a certain time frame to avoid missing out. For this reason, you should always read the small print before you sign up to anything.

Checking the Finer Details of Bonuses

The first thing to check in this area is the playthrough requirements. This is usually shown in the terms and conditions of the deals, and it is typically displayed as something like 15x. This figure illustrates that you’ll have to place bets and play to a value of at least 15 times your initial deposit before you can make any withdrawals. The second thing to look for is the wagering contributions, and these are usually listed on the websites. The rates for these vary, depending on the genre, and it’s also different from casino to casino. Some card games can contribute as little as 10% towards your wagering requirements, and some categories, such as craps, very often have a zero contribution attached to them. In most online venues, however, you’ll get a 100% wagering contribution for all the slots machine titles– and that means that your welcome bonus and all the other promotions go a lot further! Take a look at 888casino bonus offers.

Enjoying the Loyalty Scheme Bonuses

At almost every casino, you’ll be offered a number of treats when you join the loyalty scheme or the VIP club, like the Euro Based Loyalty System at Spin Palace casino that has six levels, all offering great rewards to members. As part of the bonus package, you may be awarded some extra credits, or occasionally, some venues will add a number of spins to the game that you’re already playing. For those of you who have a favorite title, the loyalty programs are a great way to get some free credits. When you play the slots on a regular basis, or if you’re a high roller, it’s pretty easy to work your way through the levels, and there tends to be a fresh perk each time you move onto a new one.


Maximizing the In-Game Bonuses

One of the best things about playing slots at an online casino is the in-game treats that you can earn. These features are not provided by the venues themselves but are added by the developers to mix things up a bit. They are often very lucrative in terms of winning as well, so when you’re choosing a game, this is a factor that you might want to consider. There’s nothing more satisfying than hitting the correct sequence and getting a whole load of free spins as a reward! You can also trigger a side-game whenever you hit the right combination on one of the paylines, or if a designated number of scatter symbols appear across the reels. The wild symbol is often your friend when it comes to this as it can help you to form a winning payline. In some titles, there’s even a bonus symbol and when these come together on the payline, you’ll be taken straight into the extra round.

In-Game Treats at Online Casinos

What Are the Mini Games?

Some of the best slots take the concept of in-game treats further by spinning you off into a mini game whenever you hit a winning combination. This tends to involve you making a choice – you have to pick between two cards or symbols, and your winnings are multiplied every time you guess correctly. These versions are most commonly found in the 5-reels, and your reward for winning is usually a top-up in your playing funds. However, you’ll sometimes come across these types of bonuses during the progressives, too. In this case, the rounds are entirely separate to the main game and aren’t related to the central jackpot at all. Instead, you can net a one-off prize, such as a luxury holiday or a cash award, or even some more free spins.

Choosing Your Welcome Bonus

Most online casinos offer new players generous sign-up packages, so it’s really worthwhile to look around for a deal that has free spins, too. Visit a few sites and providers, and then see what they will give you when you join. Remember that in this situation, big doesn’t always mean best – so take your time to do your research and read the details of any promotions very carefully. You usually only get one welcome bonus, so you’ll want to make the most of it. Fortunately, this is where slots has the edge over the other games in the venues. As the wagering contribution tends to be set at 100% in most online casinos, you’ll really be maximizing your free play. Better still, every time you spin the reels, you’ll be another step closer to accessing your winnings, and there can’t be a better reason than that to play!