Meet the Team

Over the course of ten plus years, this team has visited casinos around the globe to bring you the latest information about all things regarding gambling. In particular, this team specialises in slot machines and aims to discuss all of the intricacies behind these simplistic-looking games.

Claire Young

Back when I was in college a few of us (including Danielle) would often go to our local casino after a night out. We found it to be a great way of winding down after a hard and stress-filled week of college work. This process has been consistent throughout the whole of my life. After a long and stressful week, I often find myself back in the casino once again and often find myself drawn to the slot machines. I have always found the slots to be the most appealing aspect of casinos (along with the alcohol!) as they are just so easy to get into. Just throw in a few coins and you’re off! Slots also don’t require too much thought or skill either, hence their popularity all over the world in bricks and mortar venues and online. Nothing quite beats the sound of that cash-out!

Jessica Stone
Working in a casino for almost my entire life has made me realise that I am not a very big fan of serving people and watching them win. Instead I always found myself longing to be on the other side of the table, chips in hand and determined to win at any game I chose, whether it be poker or blackjack. That is why, when I met Claire and Danielle I knew that it was finally my chance to join that side of the table. Within a few weeks of planning we had the basic layout for our website nailed down and we knew exactly what we wanted to do. We wanted to provide an easy-to-follow guide on slot machines for newcomers. In this guide we would discuss the basics of all slot machines, rankings of casinos with the best and most varied slot machines, and also to discuss slot machines at online casinos and how they work. I hope that our website can finally allow you to take the chips into your hands so that you can confidently play some fun and rewarding casino games.

Danielle Woking
I’ve known these ladies for a long time. I met Claire all the way back in college and I met Jessica when we went to a casino one Friday night as part of our almost-weekly tradition. After years and years of frequenting casinos I am fairly sure that all three of us girls are fully prepared to answer any question that you can direct towards us, whether it be about slot machines or any other casino games – we are here to help you. We hope that our combined knowledge can help newcomers to casinos and the world of gambling to feel more confident to go out there and enjoy themselves and hopefully, you might win some (or a lot!) of money in the process!